Saturday, October 13, 2012

The $445 Million Big Bird Million Muppet March

Come all Ye Faithful to the Million Muppet March planned for November 3, 2012 on The National Mall in Washington, DC.

A Reuter's article entitled "Million Muppet March" planned to defend U.S. backing for PBS by Daniel Trotta dated Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:49pm EDT states that the Puppet March is the brainchild of "Michael Bellavia, 43, an animation executive from Los Angeles, and Chris Mecham, 46, a university student in Idaho," who "separately came up with the Million Muppet March idea in response" to the attack on Big Bird by Mitt Romney during the first 2012 presidential debate.

The Reuters article goes on to say that "Bellavia bought the Internet address during the debate and discovered Mecham had already started a Facebook page by the same name with over 11K likes as of this UDP entry.

And, the Reuters article was also kind enough to mention this: "Both men consider themselves fans of "Sesame Street," perhaps the best-known program on PBS, which received $445 million of $3.8 trillion in federal budget outlays in 2012."

A 445 million dollar puppet show march at The Mall should attract some Occupy Movement birds, no?

Well it won't. Sesame Street and PBS are one of those 3rd Rails in American liberal culture that civic and political leaders never touch.

‘Sexy Big Bird’ Halloween costumes are selling like crazy By Alex Moore

When Newt Gingrich tried touching the Birg Bird 3rd Rail during the '90's Republican Revolution he thought maybe bribing the PBC with federal capital spending monies in trade for a gradual de-funding of its operational budgets subsidies would work (Rochester, NY's local PBS affiliate made out like a bandit on that one to the chagrin of the local private TV broadcast affiliates.)

Instead it got us a current 445 million Federal infusion in 2012, more underwriting ads than before and aging news anchors who have a hard time managing a presidential debate.

Now it might be Mitt's turn. I suspect like national health care, he will do nothing about it should he win.

Like subsidies to the military-industrial complex, lovable puppets teaching how we can all get along must remain a priority for our national government and marches on The Mall.

The Bird is the Word - The Trashmen - 1963

The 445 Million Dollar Big Bird Takes a Shot Over His Bill

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